I spent most of my childhood on a tennis court, playing competitively, then coaching the game in England and America before embarking on a career with children and young people with complex needs, which spanned over twenty years. During that time I was attuned to the healing energy of Reiki which I have studied and practiced to Master level. Reiki increased my already heightened sensitivity to energy, leading me to further personal development in this field with the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain.

In 2007, after a period of severe illness, I spent several months in Cape Town recovering from drug and alcohol addiction at residential rehab there. That traumatic, yet truly profound experience, changed my whole outlook on life. It caused an awakening of my spirit and gave me an opportunity to release my writing to the world. Research for my first book, Awaken, introduced me to the ancient spiritual practice of shamanism which I continue to train in.

I am devoted to my practice of Transcendental Meditation and the Advanced Siddhi Programme which enable me to access the quietest realms of my mind where creativity and personal expansion are limitless, and to experience life as bliss, in moments of pure happiness. Meditation and shamanism are deepening my connection with nature; a place where I experience the natural high I’ve sought after for so long and where I go to play my African drums, and lose myself in their rhythms.

My meditation-healing sessions in rehabs are a huge passion of mine. I have developed a unique approach to helping people reconnect with themselves after the disconnection of drug addiction, I’m on a quest to inspire people through this healing work and my books.

Tim Bennett, Author of Awaken

Tim Rock Bottom 2007

Rock Bottom 2007

Tim Table Mountain Four Months later

Table Mountain 4 months later