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Earth Guardians

By May 20, 2017No Comments

I didn’t get the the series title, Earth Guardians, until after the first edition of Awaken. That book triggered something within me – the realisation that I read and share the Earth’s energies. It’s something we all do, be it through feelings of bliss when the sun sets, or excitement when a thundercloud erupts. For me, it comes through in words and pictures. Plot twists and turns are delivered to me when I’m in a trance-like state on the gym’s rowing machine or meditating in the forest. Just like the other day when an alteration to the end of Stag Rider came to me. I knew it was right because I welled-up and shivers went down my spine. I don’t know how many books are coming through me, that’s up to Mother Nature, and I’m ready to embrace Her with both arms wide open.

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