I practice Transcendental Meditation and the Advanced Siddhi Programme. I’ve been devoted to TM since I was introduced to it a year into recovery. It’s had a profound effect on my life and boosted my recovery beyond expectation.

I am not a trained TM teacher, but I am able to introduce clients to the use of a yoga mantra and educate clients about many of the principles and benefits associated with TM.

My sessions involve a variety of techniques and opportunities for both personal and group healing. When a group of people meditate together coherence takes place, our brainwaves join together causing what is known as the ‘group effect.’ For example, someone meditating with a group of about forty people at a weekend retreat, would receive the benefit of approx. three months’ worth of solo meditation, during that weekend – because of the power of the group.

The first half of my session focuses on meditation, to lower our metabolisms and move into the present moment. I introduce breathing with the heart’s energy via www.Heartmath.com techniques, which links the brain’s and heart’s energy fields, calming the adrenal and hormonal systems; then pranayama / alternate nostril breathing, to balance the right and left sides of the brain and release blocked energy from all over the body; visualisation and pre-recorded audio. Then I move into the meditation, in silence, with a yoga mantra. The difference between the mantra technique (especially a TM mantra) and Mindfulness, is that the latter will bring us into the present moment, which certainly has its benefits, but my sessions take clients beyond the present moment, into the quietest realms of the mind where personal expansion is infinite.

A rest period of about 25 to 30 minutes follows the meditation. Our bodies release stress when we meditate, that’s the key really. To release stress and replace it with bliss by dipping into the Universal Field, or, sea of consciousness as it’s also known. To find happiness, our natural state of being, that’s what it’s all about – that natural high. The rest period is important because our minds come out of the deep rest we achieve through meditation (deeper than sleep) instantly, but our bodies take longer to return and may continue to release stress.

Throughout the session I use specific Vortex Cards from the Life Alignment healing system www.life-alignment.com. These cards perpetually emit a field of energy close to the Schumann resonance of 7.83 hz – the frequency of the Earth’s magnetic field. I use sound from chimes and singing bowls, more audio, and Reiki. I send the group distance healing via Reiki during the rest period. No touch is involved with the group (unless smaller groups allow time for healing attunements). Reiki is deeply cleansing both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It has its own intuition, healing the cause of the dis-ease, not just alleviating the symptoms. I offer a space for people to reconnect with themselves and their higher selves after the disconnection of active addiction. The group can take a while to gather themselves at the end. Many have reported deeply profound experiences which they need to talk to me about, such as sensations of flying; floating/levitating; exhilaration, travelling at high speed; feelings or visions of being surrounded by angels; vivid colour; connections with nature, childhood regression; physical pain release, and / or emotional release; peace, clarity, increased rationale around decisions regarding life direction, and many other experiences.

No two sessions are the same because every group brings a different energy to the session on any given day. Primarily, I flood the room with healing energy, so whether someone participates fully, or not at all, they always receive a bit of the light on offer.

All blessings,