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Lakota Burial Ceremony

By March 17, 2018No Comments

Something about the Lakota calls to me. Last summer’s Vision Quest was from their tradition, and this summer another ceremony has been calling. The Burial Ceremony – spending the first two days in preparation, digging the grave, followed by a night of transformation inside the Earth from dusk ‘til dawn, covered by planks, tarp and soil with a breathing tube, while the shaman drums and prays through the night.

As uncomfortable as I find enclosed spaces, this would be taking the earthing I practice in the forest to a new level and certainly give me something to write about!

It’s an initiation ceremony into the ancient Earth mystery, an opportunity to discover, through your own experience, that Mother Earth is alive, and to understand why the ancient ones called her our Mother. To learn how to listen to the Earth Mother and to hear her voice, wisdom and learn about her immense healing power on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

In the grave you have the opportunity to let go of the burdens you carry and are ready to release. The Burial Ceremony can shift the things that otherwise seem very difficult or impossible to change. In the darkness of the Earth you will learn about coming to terms with your own mortality. The ceremony teaches you to embrace life fully, letting go of control, and begin to live from the heart and the spirit.

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