Addiction, TM and Tim Bennett’s Story

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Very interesting read. This book enabled me to have an insight into addiction and the battle one has in coming out the other side clean and healed. I hope there is a follow up book.

Having had a friend go through recovery and not be successful I was drawn to this book in the hope that it would give me an insight into what they had had to go through. I couldn't put this book down, every spare moment I had I picked it up.

Such a fantastic read. I really enjoyed it. Written from the heart and shows how having a spiritual awakening can bring balance and healing into life. I learnt a lot about addiction and rehab and found the whole story fascinating

A fabulous read, couldn't put it down.

Lovely read and very well written.

Very insightful reading to the battles of addiction and how those afflicted pick up the pieces of their lives afterwards. Tim writes with a raw candidness that makes it hard not to be drawn in. I wanted to hear more after the book was finished & I look forward to reading the forthcoming next book of his journey. Well worth a read.

This first novel shows Tim Bennett as a promising writer. It is largely autobiographical and depicts the hell and allure or addiction with all its destructive power. Then the long road to recovery helped by amazing love and support of close family. There are not many holds barred in this novel, it is brutally honest, which makes it a compelling read.