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Orkney Calling

By July 30, 2017No Comments

One thing the Vision Quest has confirmed is that there are no coincidences. With my trip to Orkney approaching, I can now
feel the importance of everything I’ve done before now; all the trips taken, words written, prayers said, and leaps of faith. Just as the decision to do the VQ marked the beginning of that ceremony, so too has my commitment to Orkney triggered something. Flights are now booked and with that stamp of confirmation comes a stronger link with the energy growing there, in waiting, for our group to arrive. These are such exciting times for me. Personally, it feels as though the last ten years of recovery have been pointing to something magical, due to take place in the approaching months. Just writing about Orkney makes me buzz.

This is a time of focus and also of expansion, globally as well as individually, because by concentrating on our own spiritual development we can affect the behaviour of others for the highest good. So here’s to the Orkneys, and whatever cosmic wonder I am soon to encounter there. Be it at the Tomb of the Eagles, Skara Brae, Old Man of Hoy, Stones of Stenness or any of the other sacred sites we will work with.

Aside from this planned ceremonial work, I have a personal ambition to fulfil, as Orkney is the site of a nodal point where ley lines cross. It is said that one can communicate with the elements at such a point – so there is a conversation between me and the wind to be had soon.

All blessings,



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