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Orkney- Part Two

By October 22, 2017January 8th, 2018No Comments

I intended on writing this post weeks ago, but I have been somewhat lost for words with how to describe the way my time in Orkney has taken hold. There have been stories of personal healing from our group which one doctor had no scientific explanation for. Being someone who understood the more metaphysical nature of some healing modalities he could only attribute the gentleman’s dramatic improvement in his glaucoma to, “whatever went on in Orkney.” That’s just one of several occurrences within our group, but our relatives have also had healings with a remarkable cancer remission for someone’s son also being shared.

I know I’ve described being changed more than once in the last year. More recently during my Vision Quest, and now in Orkney. The former took me closer than I have ever been to nature, and that relationship continues to deepen. The latter is something else, though. It’s in the electricity buzzing around my head more and more each day, it’s in the sharpening of my senses, particularly in how I see with my eyes closed now. It is too soon to know in what way Orkney will shape me, but I am also keen to explore the other more tangible gifts that trip gave me.

I’m ready to learn more about Vikings and their traditions, and I’m ready to work with the spirit of the bird whose bones you see cradled in this crab shell. This is one of the most special gifts from my time in Orkney. Hidden in this photo there is a bird’s skull no bigger than my thumbnail, probably eaten by the larger bird who the bones belong to. Our wonderful shaman guide found me while we walked from an ancient Broch with this in her hands, and said it was very clearly for me. I have finally found the time to journey to the spirit of this animal. I laid the bones on my solar plexus and played the Sandra Ingerman double-drumming track which I’m into at the moment. Before I knew it I had a peregrine falcon staring at me, and it’s still there, holding steady, ready to teach me as we journey.

Shamanism wasn’t on my ‘to do list’ when I started writing, or even before, but it is weaving itself into my life and my acceptance of this way of life might just hold the answers to my questions, and infuse the pages of my books with magic.

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