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By November 24, 2017January 8th, 2018No Comments

Slowly, I am becoming infatuated with this beautiful creature. I used her bones to journey with this evening, to learn how we might work together in the days to come. Unsurprisingly she is so quick with her answers. It takes no time for her to travel to the destinations which mean something to my, no, to our journey. I say that, in the hope you will continue to follow The Path I have found, and which I travel with a group of spirits growing in number and variety.

I cannot tell you here, where she took me, for these are the places I will write about as Spirit shows me how to weave them into my next book – Blue Wind. It has been hard not to re-examine Stag Rider since sending it to a select group of agents. I need something to do with words and my imagination. It won’t rest. If I can’t be creative I’d be lost in the void, clutching at straws which mean nothing compared to the richness I find in writing.

There are days my soul breathes deeply when I think about how much my books mean to me, and I hope one day they will mean the same to you. They’re the light risen from that darkness I climbed out of years ago, and the invisible company I keep these days is ever-present and deepening every day.

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