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Solstice Rising

By June 21, 2018No Comments
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I was awake at 3am for my journey to the hill fort to welcome the Summer Solstice with a magic ceremony Iโ€™ve been planning for several days. The closer I get to Mother Nature the more I fall in love with her. Gifted with clear skies and sole occupancy of the hill, I thought that was precious enough, but there was more to come. As soon as the core part of the ceremony started I heard a noise behind me. A small herd of New Forest ponies joined me, nibbling at my blanket, trying to make off with my drum case, galloping all over the hillside as I sang, drummed and set fire to my prayers. The sunโ€™s first beams were electrifying and the song of an ascending skylark was the last in an amazing line of synchronicities that strengthened my faith in all things unseen… and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.ย 

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