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Sweden – Norse Shamanism

By August 21, 2017No Comments

Just booked another inspirational trip – to Sweden to study Seidr, a Norse form of shamanism which works closely with spirit through trance prophecy and oracular work, rune carving, magical chants and songs, sitting out on grave mounds, shape shifting, berserking, blota (making offerings) reading/writing poetry and knowledge competitions as practiced in the Viking Age and described in the Icelandic sagas (or Eddas). I’ll be exploring the Norse Creation Stories as well as prophecies about the end of the world; visiting sacred places like the Stones of Ale in Skane (photo); studying the Norse gods, goddesses and their energies and qualities and exploring the nine worlds and their inhabitants: the divine beings, giants, elfs, dwarfs and the roles of human beings in this cosmology. This is a huge piece of personal development and golden material for the Earth Guardians series.

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