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The Wave

By April 7, 2017No Comments

I was talking to a friend recently about the journey I’m on, about the path I’ve chosen to follow. We talked about the bumps, twists and turns which have led me to this point. “Keep doing what you’re doing,” he said. Which is exactly what they told me in rehab. So I keep meditating, using the TM Siddhi programme as much as possible to smash stress to smithereens and make space for bliss to enter. I know it’s working because I feel it; this force supporting me. Nature’s natural inclination is to support us and TM helps me delve deep into The Mother herself.

Until today, I hadn’t felt the wave for a long time. I think music triggered it, I can’t say for sure. First, my eyes glazed over, then I bit my bottom lip as the tears welled and fell out of my eyes. I gasped, my breathing lost all rhythm and I just let go as I was overcome with love and gratitude for all that has passed, all that awaits, and all that is. It’s wash was fleeting, but its presence, everlasting.

I’d recognise that presence anywhere. Like the the first time it found me in Cape Town, holding me at rock-bottom, guiding me upwards to take flight.

Nearly there. Always believing.

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