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The Maharishi Effect

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This is just a small piece of the literature available on the power of group meditation, otherwise known as coherence or ‘the group effect’. Not a day goes by I don’t feel privileged to have been imparted such sacred wisdom. Studies not only show reduction in crime, but also that the sun comes out more, unemployment falls, people come off their medication sooner than expected.

Then there’s the unprecedented ceasefires during the Croatian and Syrian conflicts, when a small group of siddhars got as close to the frontline as possible to meditate. We have such limitless power at the tip of our imaginations, and so much more than that which is under a trigger finger.

Unconditional Love from Beyond the Veil

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Christmas has been a time of many lessons this year, and I expect events to continue to teach me for some time to come. However, the first lesson of enlightenment has been the most powerful. For while we are all so busy expressing joyousness towards each other with our human hearts, I have felt a new form of unconditional love coming from beyond the veil between our worlds. One which has saved me. It comes from our animal spirits, and I am in awe of this force for good. These spirits don’t need to speak our language because they communicate with a love and understanding which comes direct from Mother Earth herself. Remember, the animals were here before us. Never has the veil felt thinner to me, and this in itself was one of the greatest gifts I’ve received in a long time.


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Slowly, I am becoming infatuated with this beautiful creature. I used her bones to journey with this evening, to learn how we might work together in the days to come. Unsurprisingly she is so quick with her answers. It takes no time for her to travel to the destinations which mean something to my, no, to our journey. I say that, in the hope you will continue to follow The Path I have found, and which I travel with a group of spirits growing in number and variety.

I cannot tell you here, where she took me, for these are the places I will write about as Spirit shows me how to weave them into my next book – Blue Wind. It has been hard not to re-examine Stag Rider since sending it to a select group of agents. I need something to do with words and my imagination. It won’t rest. If I can’t be creative I’d be lost in the void, clutching at straws which mean nothing compared to the richness I find in writing.

There are days my soul breathes deeply when I think about how much my books mean to me, and I hope one day they will mean the same to you. They’re the light risen from that darkness I climbed out of years ago, and the invisible company I keep these days is ever-present and deepening every day.

Orkney- Part Two

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I intended on writing this post weeks ago, but I have been somewhat lost for words with how to describe the way my time in Orkney has taken hold. There have been stories of personal healing from our group which one doctor had no scientific explanation for. Being someone who understood the more metaphysical nature of some healing modalities he could only attribute the gentleman’s dramatic improvement in his glaucoma to, “whatever went on in Orkney.” That’s just one of several occurrences within our group, but our relatives have also had healings with a remarkable cancer remission for someone’s son also being shared.

I know I’ve described being changed more than once in the last year. More recently during my Vision Quest, and now in Orkney. The former took me closer than I have ever been to nature, and that relationship continues to deepen. The latter is something else, though. It’s in the electricity buzzing around my head more and more each day, it’s in the sharpening of my senses, particularly in how I see with my eyes closed now. It is too soon to know in what way Orkney will shape me, but I am also keen to explore the other more tangible gifts that trip gave me.

I’m ready to learn more about Vikings and their traditions, and I’m ready to work with the spirit of the bird whose bones you see cradled in this crab shell. This is one of the most special gifts from my time in Orkney. Hidden in this photo there is a bird’s skull no bigger than my thumbnail, probably eaten by the larger bird who the bones belong to. Our wonderful shaman guide found me while we walked from an ancient Broch with this in her hands, and said it was very clearly for me. I have finally found the time to journey to the spirit of this animal. I laid the bones on my solar plexus and played the Sandra Ingerman double-drumming track which I’m into at the moment. Before I knew it I had a peregrine falcon staring at me, and it’s still there, holding steady, ready to teach me as we journey.

Shamanism wasn’t on my ‘to do list’ when I started writing, or even before, but it is weaving itself into my life and my acceptance of this way of life might just hold the answers to my questions, and infuse the pages of my books with magic.

Orkney – Part One

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Orkney is home to the original stone circles. The Ring of Brodgar lies just half a mile from The Stones of Stenness. On the first day of this week’s Autumn equinox, after sitting here during the day, I was privileged to be offered an opportunity to partake in a night ceremony to link the yang energy of Brodgar with the yin of Steness. The Milky Way lit up for us on a night so clear and still, it had the mark of an otherworldly gift. Hundreds of geese on the surrounding lochs noisily took flight as we danced, clapped, rattled, drummed, sang, and laughed with these stones and their spirits. It was life changing. In the words of a friend I shared the experience with – I will never be the same again.

I knew Orkney was important from the moment I booked the airline taking me here. It happened to have the same name as a main character in my books. Energy and ancestry run deep here. You’ll see my feet disappearing into the 5000 year old Tomb of the Eagles, where 136 people were buried with sea eagles. From there we moved to the Tomb of the Otters, in which thousands were laid to rest, with otters playing a pivotal role in burials. Orkney is a nodal point; a place where many, many ley lines meet, the energy here is immense. It will take a while to understand where this experience fits into my writing. It is early days, but already there is a path opening up for book three. I have an inkling; a spark, and that is all I need. Time to cross the water to the island of Rousay, where there’s magic afoot.




Stag Rider Update

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After a year and a half of working on Stag Rider I have begun submitting to agents for representation. At the outset I didn’t know where the sequel to Awaken would take me or the main character, Aaron, (or are they one in the same?) and I am left heartened and motivated by the story I have plucked out of the unseen. Where will Earth Guardians book three take us both? I do not know, but I know it’s there waiting for me. I am so excited about what is about to unfold as I travel to Orkney to delve into its energy and maybe meet a new character, or two:) I will of course keep you updated with any news and thank you for following this page.

Sweden – Norse Shamanism

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Just booked another inspirational trip – to Sweden to study Seidr, a Norse form of shamanism which works closely with spirit through trance prophecy and oracular work, rune carving, magical chants and songs, sitting out on grave mounds, shape shifting, berserking, blota (making offerings) reading/writing poetry and knowledge competitions as practiced in the Viking Age and described in the Icelandic sagas (or Eddas). I’ll be exploring the Norse Creation Stories as well as prophecies about the end of the world; visiting sacred places like the Stones of Ale in Skane (photo); studying the Norse gods, goddesses and their energies and qualities and exploring the nine worlds and their inhabitants: the divine beings, giants, elfs, dwarfs and the roles of human beings in this cosmology. This is a huge piece of personal development and golden material for the Earth Guardians series.

The Never Ending Journey

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What I’ve come to terms with recently, with comparative ease, is that my healing journey will be never ending. I’m okay with that knowledge, because my healing happens as a result of my writing. I haven’t named the Earth Guardians series for commercial grandeur, it bares deep meaning to me which I am only now beginning to understand. Given the opportunity to assume the mantle and share the meaning of my journey through the success of my books, would be the greatest honour I could possibly imagine.


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If you haven’t found my Facebook page yet, check it out and tag along. This is a taste of what’s happening …


 This photo has mesmerised me these past few days. Even when If you haven’t found my Facebook page yet, check it out and tag along. This is a taste of what’s happening not looking at it, I still see it, in my mind’s eye – looming, calling me. The second journey I ever took to the Otherworld on the beat of drum took me to a fire, and it still burns. Yes, I benefit from its energy and warmth, but more than that I feel the support of my ancestors standing around it, holding space for me, and in return I intend to write stories which respects them. It’s the best way to express my gratitude as they asked me to start writing in the first place.


This is where I meditate, barefoot, to be close to the Earth and open the channels for Nature’s electricity to flow through me. It’s where characters, landscapes and plots form. It’s where I go to lose myself in the quietest realms and to remember who I am and where I’m going.


Orkney Calling

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One thing the Vision Quest has confirmed is that there are no coincidences. With my trip to Orkney approaching, I can now
feel the importance of everything I’ve done before now; all the trips taken, words written, prayers said, and leaps of faith. Just as the decision to do the VQ marked the beginning of that ceremony, so too has my commitment to Orkney triggered something. Flights are now booked and with that stamp of confirmation comes a stronger link with the energy growing there, in waiting, for our group to arrive. These are such exciting times for me. Personally, it feels as though the last ten years of recovery have been pointing to something magical, due to take place in the approaching months. Just writing about Orkney makes me buzz.

This is a time of focus and also of expansion, globally as well as individually, because by concentrating on our own spiritual development we can affect the behaviour of others for the highest good. So here’s to the Orkneys, and whatever cosmic wonder I am soon to encounter there. Be it at the Tomb of the Eagles, Skara Brae, Old Man of Hoy, Stones of Stenness or any of the other sacred sites we will work with.

Aside from this planned ceremonial work, I have a personal ambition to fulfil, as Orkney is the site of a nodal point where ley lines cross. It is said that one can communicate with the elements at such a point – so there is a conversation between me and the wind to be had soon.

All blessings,