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My Vision Quest

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I’ve just returned from my Vision Quest. Before I went I intended on giving you a fairly detailed account of my experience, but that’s all changed. I underestimated the power and sacredness of this 7 day ancient ceremony which we practiced in the Lakota way. I travelled to the heel of Cornwall and stood on a hill, looking at the sea on both sides of the wild, ancient and peaceful land I was soon to spend 4 days and 4 nights on, alone, without food; drinking only water, nestled within my small self-made medicine wheel.

I was fine with walking into the unknown, I’ve done it before, but I wasn’t prepared for the depth of experience waiting for me. The ocean climate brought mists, winds, rain, sunshine and all manner of temperatures. Yes, in some ways it was an ordeal and I’ve lost weight, but I have gained more than any amount of material riches could provide, and that’s without knowing what the seeds planted in me during my time out on the land will grow in the years to come. I look outside now at the dimming night sky and the wavering plants, and I am yearning to be on the land again; to be still and follow the sun to the sea each day.

I am changed. I cannot share what unfathomable beauty and magic Spirit brought me, it is too precious, but I know aspects will filter through to my writing as need be. So here is a gift from me to you, a wild orchid like the ones which grew next to me with the other plants and stones, buzzards, hawks, crows, swifts, skylarks, insects, and elements I lived with, while in Mother Nature’s care.

Live Radio Appearances

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Join me with international medium and author, Marc Richardson, for my first live radio interview on the Paranormal Radio Show this Wednesday at 9pm. Search for his show or check out the recording on my Facebook page. Later in July I’ll also be appearing live on international psychic and life coach, Bonnie Alebers’ show on Blog Talk Radio.


Earth Guardians

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I didn’t get the the series title, Earth Guardians, until after the first edition of Awaken. That book triggered something within me – the realisation that I read and share the Earth’s energies. It’s something we all do, be it through feelings of bliss when the sun sets, or excitement when a thundercloud erupts. For me, it comes through in words and pictures. Plot twists and turns are delivered to me when I’m in a trance-like state on the gym’s rowing machine or meditating in the forest. Just like the other day when an alteration to the end of Stag Rider came to me. I knew it was right because I welled-up and shivers went down my spine. I don’t know how many books are coming through me, that’s up to Mother Nature, and I’m ready to embrace Her with both arms wide open.

Crow Forever

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Crow will always be somewhere in my stories. He is as much a part of me, as I am of him. It took years of being distracted and mesmerised by these birds before I realised how far back and deep our connection goes. Here’s a little video showing how cool and clever Mr Corvus is.

Medieval Tunnels

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Just back from a trip to Dover Castle’s medieval tunnels. I’m still revelling in the energy of an experience I had at the end of this central tunnel, where I spent the best part of an hour. Inspired, honoured, privileged, excited, by what?….well, you’ll need to read my books to find out. It was the darkest place of the underground network and yet, true to form, it shone the most light on me.

The Hero’s Journey

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Why are we drawn into stories about adventures? Why the fascination with journeys traveled by characters like Harry Potter or Katniss Everdeen (in the Hunger Games books) or Elizabeth in The Crown or the fabulously named Chiron in Moonlight?

Joseph Campbell would tell us that these are all hero journeys, following the schema that he laid out in his ground-breaking book The Hero with a Thousand Faces. His claim was that this story structure is all but literally hard-wired into the human brain โ€” that we tell stories this way because stories that follow this pattern โ€” or acknowledge the pattern before breaking it โ€” release transformative psychological power. Enter Earth Guardians book two: Stag Rider.

The Beginning

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Regardless of where my writing career takes me, Awaken will always be the book I’m proudest of. Not just because of its subject matter, but because of the learning curve involved having never written a book before. I sourced the cover illustration, formatting, printing, marketing, publishing, developmental and copy editing. It was the biggest step; putting myself out there to learn more about who I am, and in the process share that knowledge with others. Even if I manage to inspire just one person, all the hard work will have been worth it. Awaken’s journey has already been life-changing, and I’m ready for wherever it takes me.